Casanova Food


Casanova Food srl, fully dedicated in gluten-free and lactose-free, was founded in 2013 in Rubano nearby Padua, in the Land of Venice, hometown of the family, hence the name “Pasta di Venezia”.

From the passion for fresh pasta and attention to food intolerances, the idea of ​​a unique product in terms of creativity and taste was created, in line with the best Mediterranean tradition and additionally  gluten-free and lactose-free!

The determination to overcome this new frontier has headed to the project of a highly technological factory and performing production lines, dedicated to gluten-free and lactose-free fresh pasta like the best homemade tradition.

Ethical code

  • We chose the artisan tradition as a model of corporate culture.
    • The identity of our company is linked to the value of being innovative pasta creators.
    • Priority objective: always choose the best raw materials.
    • we have developed a production line adopting imagination, flexibility and precision.
    • Our diversified range of products is just as important as qualitative research.
    • Fresh laminated pasta for the best cooking resistance and absorption of sauces.
    • we chose to focus in the production of foods for intolerants and with top attention to the well-being of our customers.
    • we offer our customers products without lactose, without added preservatives.
    • we designed our production spaces in a way to guarantee max food safety and efficiency.
    • Consumers can also benefit of our innovative and multi-channel distribution network.
    • Respect for the environment is a core value of our business process: we use energy from renewable sources and provide innovative environmental friendly packaging.
    • Our staff shares corporate values ​​with the sense of belonging, with commitment and passion in the daily operations.
    • For all of us, research and innovation are the principles that support business development.
    • Caresses for the palate: this is what customers call our products. A definition that makes us all proud of our work.

The concept of food safety leads our company policy. The ambitions of our company are represented by the desire to produce quality gluten-free and lactose-free fresh pasta, in a very wide range to satisfy even the needs of vegetarians: new developments to pleasure our customers is our goal!

Our staff work environment is our first concerns and the implementation of production processes directly related to investments in research and development, always consider the happiness within our colleagues which definitely leads to great results at the end customer’s mouth!

The intangible values  distinguishing our company are transparency, ethics, reputation of our brand, respect for the role of our staff, legality and social solidarity, contributing to support social initiatives for the most weak.

Health and hygiene safety, as a right of our customers, is ensured by the continuous monitoring of production plants and the evolution of production processes in such a way that our quality bar is always upwards oriented.

Our company is certified by the CSQA for gluten free productions and hold the European IFS production standards certification.

Company Welfare


Welfare represents the set of all initiatives undertaken by companies to increase the wellbeing of employees and their families.

A company that deals with increasing the well-being of its employees is a company with satisfied and motivated workers who widely contribute to objectives achievement , operating in a positive climate, attracting talents and retaining resources.

Casanova Food received the 2020 badge for having adopted corporate welfare policies with commitment and dedication and for the constant attention to its staff.

Every day we strive to improve ourselves!