The cremino is our proposal for a gluten free dessert, invented for the first time in the mid-nineteenth century and was one of the discoveries that characterized the taste of the Liberty period.

In our desserts we enhance this excellence as a add on pleasure to enjoy as a coffee after lunch, creamy sweet and cool in summer … our Cremino at Caffè “Sapori con Amore” or … a Cremino alla Vaniglia “Sapori con amore”, the aroma of Vanilla is a relaxing plesure for everybody … ..and we offer also a Cremino with Frutti di Bosco “Sapori con Amore”, a concentrate of nature accompanied by a great taste of sweetness.

Dessert Senza Glutine al caffè - Pasta di Venezia
Coffee Cremino
Dessert Senza Glutine ai frutti di bosco - Pasta di Venezia
Cremino with Berries
Dessert Senza Glutine alla vaniglia - Pasta di Venezia
Vanilla Flavour Cremino