Bollino Senza Glutine Ministero Della Salute
bollino senza lattosio



All of our references appear in the National Register of products available by the National Health Service intended for a particular diet.

In this regard, Pasta di Venezia has also adhered to the “Gluten Free” DTP 108 Certification scheme by CSQA, which provides that the references produced have a gluten content lower than 10 ppm (parts per million) and therefore lower than to the current limit set at 20 ppm.


The company, over the years, but in a very short time, has been structured thanks to continuous investments in technology and plant engineering to reach a very important recognition: IFS certification according to European standards both for the production of fresh pasta and ready-to-eat dishes, as well as flours. This certification is based on quality management and food safety systems implemented in the facility with the aim of verifying and confirming the efficiency over the time.

The IFS certification therefore demonstrates the desire to transmit awareness of quality and safety also to all consumers.



How is quality perceived? Just try to taste our pasta and the answer will come by itself …

The raw materials are chosen with great care to create a quality product in a maximum food safety contest.

Fresh Pasta:

Made entirely in our production facility based in Rubano, our gluten-free and lactose-free fresh pasta is the result of months of intense work, research & development and experimentation to reach a unique product by the taste and quality.

We only use the best raw materials available on the market, gluten-free and lactose-free certified; constantly and rigorously audited to guarantee the highest quality and non-contamination.

Our fresh pasta is laminated, for a better cooking resistance and to better retain the sauce at the base of the recipe. Our products DO NOT contain added preservatives of any kind, thus maintaining purity, freshness and a delicate flavor for the most demanding palates.

We have created many types and shapes of fresh pasta, from smooth to stuffed and gnocchi, and a new line of ready meals based on meat and vegetables, always guaranteeing novelty and imagination at the origin of our ideas.


Our entire line of dry pasta is produced with 100% Italian flours, without additives, dyes and / or emulsifiers.

By giving the flours the right mixing time and thanks to a slow drying, we give the surface of the dough the correct porosity (bronze drawing), to optimally marry with any type of sauce


Investments in research & development accompanied the growth of the company to produce and distribute an innovative product on the market: flour mixes for bread & focaccia, desserts and fresh pasta, produced exclusively with naturally gluten-free, lactose-free and high fiber content flours and… WITHOUT SUGARS!


Making excellent gluten-free pasta is a challenge and a commitment requiring patience and dedication. We are not satisfied with just making “pasta”, but we have dedicated energy and resources to experiment and obtain a special, good, healthy, safe product with the organoleptic and technological characteristics we expected!

But we keep on improving ourselves to offer new ideas for a gluten-free and lactose-free diet lots of good things!


Pasta is a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, recognized as balanced and healthy, from a nutritional point of view. In 2010, the Mediterranean diet was also recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Furthermore, gluten-free pasta is also suitable for people intolerant to gluten who cannot eat pasta made out of wheat flour. Our product is lighter and more digestible even for non-celiac people, who can choose it for a more varied and healthy diet.