Top quality italian raw materials are carefeully sourced from the market: meats to fishes, vegetables to cheeses, flours to….egg yolk.

Our gluten free and lactose free pasta is dedicated to the high discerning gourmets.

Gluten Free


Pasta dishes are the “daily” food to italians… well included into the mediterranean diet.! The market therefore offers wide choices either by price and quality point of view: we are rated as the top quality available by most of our interviewed customers!

Do you like good food? …. Follow the italians!

Bollino Senza Lattosio - Pasta di Venezia
Bollino Senza Glutine Ministero Della Salute



How do you recognized a good quality pasta? Easy, just eat it, the answer will be automatic!

Raw materials and ingredients choice to lead to the top result!


Months of preparation for each single product released, and only after approval from our quality control department as well as after comparisons with what is available on the market, to make sure our’s better!

No preservatives are added to our products thus maintaining top flavor and guarantee of a “natural” product.

The wide choice of different tastes drive our customers through an entire gastronomic “world” to be explored!


Our complete line of dryed pasta is produced with 100% italian flours, no additives, emulsifiers, etc…water and flours are mixed to obtain a dough wich is then pressed through a bronze die. Drying processes reduce the risk of altering the product and right after, a cooling provides to keep the integrity. The porosity of the product allows the perfect mix with any kind of sauce.


Reaching the best result in the production of gluten free pasta, is a challenge wich requires patience and dedication.

It was not enough to reach a pasta as final result of our research, we committed ourselves to reach a special product, good, healthy and safe!

… It is not enough! We’ll keep on investing to offer new concepts to a rich gluten free diet full of good things!


Like we said, pasta is a fundamental component of the mediterranean diet, worldwide recognized as balanced and healthy. On 2010 mediterranean diet has been recognized as intangible cultural heritage from the UNESCO.

Our gluten free product is particulary dedicated to coeliac or intolerant individuals who cannot enjoy the “regular” wheat flour made pasta. As a result our product is higly digestible and light to everybody, and anybody wish to have a healthy alternative to their daily diet.


Tradition, creativity and the capacity to hand down the teaching of our fathers headed our food awareness to perfectly set together the pasta with what new tecnologies offer : that’s our made in Italy! Plus the products offered unleash further creativity in the kitchen either by yourself or with the help of our sauces to dress the best pasta dishes.

Ethical Code

  • We have chosen the artisan tradition as a model of corporate culture.
  • The identity of our company is linked to the value of being innovative pasta artisans.
  • Priority task: choice of best available raw materials.
  • We are committed to diversify the range of products under the best available quality.
  • Fresh laminated pasta for the best cooking resistance and absorption of sauces.
  • We have chosen to be focused in the production of food for intolerants and wellness of customers.
  • We have chosen to offer our customers gluten-free, lactose-free and no added preservatives.
  • We have designed our production areas in such a way that they fit for safety and efficiency
  • Environmental friendship is a core value of our business process: limiting energy waste as well as using renewable sources.
  • Our staff shares corporate values with the sense of belonging to a group, as well as commitment and passion in achieving their tasks.
  • For all of us, research and innovation are the principles that support business development.
  • Caresses for the palate: this is how customers name our products. A definition that makes us all proud of our work.

At the basis of our company policy is the concept of food safety. The ambitions of our company are represented by the wish to produce quality gluten-free and lactose-free fresh pasta, in a very wide range to satisfy even the needs of vegetarians; we keep on continuous research and development with the aim of developing new products.

One of our first concerns is our workplace and the implementation of production processes directly related to investments in research and development, both for the finished product and its components.

The intangible values that distinguish our company are transparency, ethic, the reputation of our brand, respect for the role of our staff, legality and social solidarity, contributing proportionally to our corporate structure, to support social initiatives for disadvantaged people.

Health and hygiene, a milestone to be granted to our customers, are ensured by the continuous monitoring of the production plants and the evolution of production processes so that the quality bar is always upwards.

Our company is certified by the CSQA for gluten-free productions and according to European IFS production standards.