Spinach and Ricotta Cheese Ravioli

Gluten and Lactose Free

Ravioli Ricotta e Spinaci

Nutritional Values for 100g

Energy 854 kJ
204 kcal
of which saturated
7.7 g
2.4 g
of which sugars
26 g
0.8 g
Fibre 2.1 g
Protein 6.5 g
Salt 0.7 g


Ravioli Ricotta and Spinach: Fresh daily spinach just picked and cooked in our kitchens, ricotta from the best Italian dairies, for a classic of Italian fresh pasta.


Filling 54%: lactose-free ricotta cheese 40% (lactose-free milk whey, lactose-free milk, lactose-free cream, salt, acidity regulator: E270), spinach 40%, gluten-free semi-finished product (corn flour, sunflower oil, caramelized sugar), Grana Padano DOP cheese (milk, salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme from egg), powered onion, salt, black pepper, nutmeg, bamboo fibre.

Gluten-free mix for pasta 46%: corn starch, water, egg yolk 20%, potato starch, extra-virgin olive oil, rice flour, thickener: guar gum, salt.

Pack of:

125g • 250g

Cooking time:

Cooking instructions 1: Bring the water to the boil, add the product and cook for 2-3 minutes; drain, add a sauce/dressing of your choice and serve.

Cooking instructions 2: Put the product into a pan with a sauce of your choice, cook for 5 minutes and serve.

Gluten free and lactose free dietary product.

Store in a fridge at a temperature not exceeding +4° C.

60 days from production date stored at +4°C.


  • Grana Padano DOP
  • No dyes
  • No additional preservatives
  • Lactose free

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