Filled Pasta

Gluten and Lactose Free

Fresh filled pasta is Pasta di Venezia’s specialty!

All our stuffed pasta is gluten-free and lactose-free, designed for those who follow gluten-free and lactose-free diets, for intolerant and celiac, but also for those who love good food: try them to find that they are the same, if not better than pasta fresh classic.

The almost artisanal realization of our pasta and the fantasy of the fillings are some of the characteristics that make Pasta di Venezia an excellence: inside the pastry you can find only top quality, fresh and strictly Italian ingredients. Discover all the fillings, from meat to vegetables, but also cheeses, salmon and truffles!

Ravioli, Girasoli, Bustini, Panciotti and Cappelletti: there are many shapes of our filled pasta, whose filling, given the use of fresh ingredients, varies according to the season.